Few people, in their lifetimes, will go through what Corbin Patton has gone through. Even fewer will have faced such an arduous battle by the age of 10.

But Corbin is a fighter and has endured his journey with courage and determination.

corbin fighting cancer

For the last few years, Corbin has battled a rare cancer of the brainstem that has necessitated a myriad of treatments in different cities around the Midwest. Chemotherapy was one of those treatments but soon stopped being an option. After 10 rounds, he suddenly developed an allergic reaction to the formula. However, he never thought of giving up.

Later, Corbin was given a targeted therapy for two years, two pills every day. The trial period came to an end, but the fight continued.

In June of this year, Corbin and his family began a new journey at the Oklahoma Proton Center. This treatment was different: meticulously designed to match the tumor. Radiation beams penetrate in a precise form targeting only the cancer cells but sparing the healthy tissue around them. The accuracy of the treatment was evident to his mom Natalie Clark. She was glad the side effects were minimal.

“He just got a little tired and a little fatigued, but that was mainly the big problem. He lost a little bit of hair, but I think he did better through it than with chemo and the two targeted meds.” Natalie Clark said.

After 42 days and 30 treatments, Corbin was ready to ring the bell; It symbolized the conclusion of this chapter of his journey.

Pilots from Tinker Air Force Base surprised Corbin as he walked out of his last treatment. With big dreams of someday becoming a pilot himself, Corbin grinned from ear to ear as they presented him with his challenge coin. Family, friends, and his care team proudly looked on as Corbin made his way to the bell.

After a long few months of treatment, the family is ready for a break. They are planning a few trips, including one to Tennessee. They will watch Corbin’s favorite baseball team, the Colorado Rockies, play the Texas Rangers in Arlington, TX. Most importantly, Corbin and his family will get a reprieve from the seemingly endless treatments he has gone through over the past years.


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