Centers of Excellence


Oklahoma Cancer Center is a network of top-ranked oncologists providing leading-edge cancer treatment.  Our 360 CANCER CARE includes a multi-disciplinary approach with oncology experts utilizing the most advanced techniques available in cancer therapy today.  The Oklahoma Cancer Center team of physicians has access to the latest advancements in research and technology such as proton therapy, immunotherapy, and cutting-edge surgical robotics.

With over 200 distinct types of cancer, each necessitating tailored approaches to treatment, we prioritize personalized care based on your unique condition. Our comprehensive pathway seamlessly guides you from diagnosis to survivorship, incorporating a blend of therapies.

Key elements of our cancer care include:

  • Early detection and diagnosis, crucial for identifying cancers before they metastasize, facilitating easier and more effective treatment.
  • Surgical interventions for tumor removal, conducted at our affiliated hospitals.
  • Radiation therapy designed to precisely target and eliminate cancer cells, even those in challenging locations.
  • Medical oncology, employing various drug therapies such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy.

Oklahoma Cancer Center has multiple centers of excellence for different types of cancer. By bringing together an expert team from across Oklahoma City around specific disease sites Oklahoma Cancer Center and its physicians are able to maximize results for patients while also creating an efficient care pathway. Please visit disease site pages to learn more about the best that Oklahoma has to offer in cancer care.