Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is home to the Oklahoma Proton Center, one of just a handful of proton centers in the southwest offering the most advanced radiation treatment in the world. Oklahoma City also features the Premier Breast Health Institute, one of just a couple of locations in the state offering contrast enhanced mammograms, the latest in breast screening technology.

Oklahoma Proton Center

Oklahoma Proton Center is one of just five proton therapy facilities in the southwest. The center opened in 2009 and has treated nearly 5,000 patients since opening. Proton therapy is a type of radiation treatment for cancer that uses high-energy beams of protons to kill cancer cells while sparing surrounding healthy tissue and organs from radiation damage. Please visit the Oklahoma Proton Center website to learn more about proton therapy and the types of cancers it can treat. 

OKC Proton Building Exterior

Oklahoma Cancer Center – Moore

Oklahoma Cancer Center – Moore offers radiation therapy treatment. Additionally, the urologists of Norman Urology who are part of the Oklahoma Cancer Center network, provide urologic services at this location.

Oklahoma Cancer Center – Hefner Pointe

Oklahoma Cancer Center – Hefner Pointe is a 12,000 square foot comprehensive cancer center offering radiation oncology and medical oncology services. The location offers convenient access to a number of other specialists and services in the Hefner Pointe Medical Park. Patients needing proton therapy as part of their treatment can be seen at this location or at Oklahoma Proton Center.).

Premier Breast Health Institute

Premier Breast Health Institute is a state-of-the-art breast screening and diagnostic imaging facility. The center offers screening and diagnostic mammograms and is one of just a few facilities in the state to offer contrast-enhanced mammograms. Additionally, the facility offers as digital ultrasound, PET/CT, breast MRI, and bone scan services.