Protons 101: Esophageal Cancer Treatment with Protons

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An Esophageal Cancer comparison plan performed at the Oklahoma Proton Center showing the difference in radiation dose between an IMRT plan on the left and a Proton Therapy plan on the right.

Here is another example of a case and a tumor where the Proton Therapy plan significantly outperforms in low and mid dose regions of the plan. The yellow represents about 4 weeks of radiation treatment. The green represents around 3 weeks of radiation treatment. The IMRT plan uses many different angles to focus the highest dose region of the plan. The use of numerous beams allows for good targeting at the highest doses but it dramatically increases the volume of tissue treated to lower doses. The Proton Therapy plan on the other hand, relies on the better physical properties of the proton beam to target the cancer and stop the beam. The plans can therefore be much simpler with far fewer beams and zero exit radiation dose.

Dr. Mark Storey MD
Medical Director, Oklahoma Proton Center


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